Apply For International Driving License in Malaysia

Before you can start driving overseas, you will need to apply for an international driving license. Self-driving is an activity recommended for certain places. You can travel at your own pace or try an exciting activity like zooming around Tokyo or Oska a in a go-kart. Self-drive can also get you to places that lack public transport.

How to apply for the International Driving License?

Application for an International Driving Permit (IDP) is easy. Just ensure your current driving license is valid for more than 1 year and you will need to prepare the following:

  1. Original MyKad
  2. One license size photograph with white background
  3. Cash of RM150

Visit the nearest JPJ office or an UTC Centre. UTC Centres are open on weekends which makes it easy for working people like me to apply. I went to the UTC Sentul at 9.45am and the JPJ office was virtually empty. I got my International Driving Permit in less than 10 minutes.

The International Driving Permit is valid for 1 year and recognized by countries listed in the permit.

International Driving License is required even for go-kart in Japan.
You need an International Driving License For Go-Kart in Japan

Do I need an International Driving License To Drive Overseas?

You can rent and drive with your Malaysian driving license in ASEAN countries. However, I recommend that you apply for an international diving license. In case of an unfortunate event, the last thing you want to hear is you are driving illegally and unable to claim insurance.

Travel insurance and rental clause are long with many fine prints that most of us don’t read thoroughly. You don’t want to be in a situation where paying for damages could be as high as buying a new car.

What to take note when renting cars in overseas?

Purchase a car rental insurance that waives all charges. Understand the coverage and your liability in the event of an accident. Some companies will charge extra if the drive is below 25 years old.

Obey the speed limit. Many countries are strict with speeding and the fines can be expensive. You can get a ticket by crossing even 1km/h. Lastly, never offer a bribe as that could land you in jail.

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