Google Photos Ends Unlimited Storage from June 2021

Google Photos Ends Unlimited Storage

High Quality Photos and Videos Count Towards Free Storage

Google Photos has been an extremely useful app in the last five years. I was able to easily back up my photos and videos in high quality while travelling. Just turn on the app and everything will synchronize to the cloud. The best part was the storage was unlimited.

This morning Google sent out a notification that starting 01 June 2021, all photos and videos backed up in High Quality will count towards the 15GB free storage that comes with your Google Account.

Back up before 01 June will be exempted

All photos and videos backed up in High Quality before 01 June 2021 are exempted from this change and will not count toward your Google Account storage. This includes all existing content uploaded in High quality.

Purchase Additional Storage

Users that require additional storage will need to purchase from Google One.

CostMYR8.49 / month or
MYR84.99 / year
MYR11.99 / month or
MYR119.99 / year
MYR42.99 / month or
MYR 429.99 / year

My Thoughts

Sad that Google Photos is ending the unlimited storage. Good things don’t last forever and there is no such thing as a free lunch. I will keep my existing photos and videos in Google Photos and switch to One Drive that includes 1TB space with my subscription of Microsoft 365 Family plan.

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