Best Claypot Chicken Rice in Petaling Jaya

Choong Kee Claypot Chicken Rice Review

Claypot chicken rice is a hearty and comfort food for many Malaysians. The one pot meal is cooked and served in a claypot usually eaten during lunch or dinner.

A good claypot chicken rice comes with well cooked rice, nicely marinated chicken, Chinese sausage, and salted fish. There are a few places still using charcoal to cook the rice, giving it that extra umami flavor.

One of the Best Claypot Chicken Rice in Petaling Jaya

Choong Kee is reputed to be one of the best Claypot Chicken Rice in Petaling Jaya. They started as a hawker stall at a coffee shop nearby and later moved to their own restaurant. The once fiery tempered lady boss has also toned down over the years.

Choong Kee Kampar Claypot Chicken Rice
Choong Kee Claypot Chicken Rice

Chicken Only

The claypot rice here comes with chicken only. Additional items such as salted fish and Chinese sausage is additional charge. Other places usually include everything, which sometimes I need to remind them to exclude certain items like Chinese sausage which I don’t like.


The small (single person) portion cost RM11.50 while the large (two person) portion cost RM22 without the add-ons. The rice is well cooked and fragrant with lots of soft, meaty chicken pieces unlike many other places.

There are a few choices of steam soups at RM7.50 each. My favorites are watercress and old cucumber. The soup may taste a bland to some people, but it is ok for me as I need to reduce my salt intake.

Best Time To Come

It’s best to come just before lunch time on weekends as the waiting times are shorter. Workdays lunch as well as dinner times, the wait will be much longer. In my experience, I have waited up to 1 hour before. Roadside parking can be a bit difficult here especially on workdays. You can try the multi-level parking located on the same row. It will cost RM3 per entry.

Choong Kee ranks as one of my favorites in Petaling Jaya.

Choong Kee Kampar Claypot Chicken Rice

80, Jalan SS22/25
Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya
Phone: 017-8717739
Business hours: 12pm – 2.30pm & 5pm-9pm daily. Closed on Wednesday

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